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The Park Keepers- Getting Ready for Winter

This half term Willow Class have been working for Percy the Park Keeper looking for signs of autumn then getting ready for winter. We spent lots of time outside looking at the changes happening around us such as the weather and colours of leaves.

After a huge storm destroyed the tree where lots of Percy’s animal friends lived we had to make them new homes.

Percy kept us very busy with lots of jobs, that he didn’t have enough time to do. We looked closely at autumn objects, this helped with our vocabulary. park Keepers wrote lists of things they had to do and get. We also did lots of jobs in Percy’s hut too.

It’s hard work being a Park Keeper, lunch is very important to give you lots of energy. Park Keepers enjoyed learning how to make sandwiches and biscuits. They loved eating them too!

Our Friend Fern

This half term, Willow Class have settled into their full time education. They learnt their way around their new classroom and main school. Willow Class also learnt and now follow new routines and rules in both the classroom and main school. Their listening skills have improved greatly already this year!

Our friend Fern asked us to tell her about ourselves, our family and friends too. We talked about our families, know that we are all different and that, that is okay! We all practiced writing our names in a variety of ways because Fern said we all needed to be able to, Mrs Brown said that she was right! We also thought about what we might like to be when we grow up. We looked closely at our faces whilst painting, using the right colours.

Fern also taught us ways of keeping healthy such as eating our 5 a day, drinking plenty of water, doing lots of exercise and washing our hands.

We are becoming more independent as select our own activities and get our own fruit, milk and water throughout the day. We complete challenges independently in our own time and are working hard to be able to get ourselves undressed for PE and changed into our PE kits and back again. Some of us can do this independently now.

We have cooked yummy biscuits with our friends, making sure we washed our hands and followed Mrs Parker’s instructions.


Fern taught us about friendship and being kind. We learnt about the ways to be a good friend and painted pictures of each other. Willow Class are all friends and will all take care of each other.

We celebrated Fern’s 5th Birthday together, by throwing her a surprise birthday party. Before the party we wrote shopping lists and invitations to invite each other to the party. We made Fern birthday cards, presents and even made special repeating pattern wrapping paper. At the party we played games, sang ‘Happy Birthday’, ate party food and played with balloons We all had an amazing time!

Let’s Discover


This half term, we have continued our work for Regina Flowerton; world famous explorer. This time we took on the role of explorers. We have been exploring our play patch and garden, hunting for and looking closely at mini beasts around us. We learned all about them and their homes.


In Willow Class we had an explorers tent and lab role play area, where we cooked our meals, slept, looked at our finding and wrote diaries and lists. Explorers made their own camps and dens outdoors with their friends working together as a team.

We used mini beasts to inspire our work in all areas of the curriculum such as our writing, number work and painting.

During our last couple of weeks, with beautiful weather, we enjoyed exploring water, seeing what floats and sinks. We observed how water moves and explored ways we could change it. Willow Class got ready to move to Beech Class with visits to our new classroom and got to know our new teacher Miss Johnson (soon to be Mrs Cowey).

In our last week together, Willow Class had a Celebration assembly and invited their grown-ups. They sang songs that they  learned this year, shared photographs of all the fun they had and even received very special certificates just for being themselves!



Garden Enterprise

This half term the children in Willow Class became gardeners working for the world famous explorer; Regina Flowerton. As part of our Garden Enterprise topic we worked to find out everything we needed to know about plants, what they need and how they grow. Gardeners found out about the parts of a plant. We observed changes by planting seeds and watching them grow. Gardeners cared for the seeds and plants independently, making sure they got enough sunlight and water. Regina sent us caterpillars and we watched them change from tiny caterpillars that ate and ate then grew bigger and bigger, just like The Very Hungry Caterpillar. We were super surprised when they formed a chrysalis and emerged as beautiful butterflies. Gardeners used inspiration from flowers, butterflies and famous artists to inspire their creative projects throughout this half term. At the end of the half term, we invited our grown ups to celebrate our hard work with a garden party. Gardeners sold some of the plants they grew, ate lots of cake and had fun together in our play patch!


This half term, the children in Willow Class have been looking at different stories. We have read and completed activities around two stories in particular, one traditional and one modern: Aliens Love Underpants and Hansel and Gretel.

The children enjoyed sharing their favourite stories with other children in the class during circle time. We talked about which authors we liked – Julia Donaldson was a firm favourite!

The children enjoyed imaginative play through their role play area, which had been turned into a space ship and the gingerbread house. The small world area was turned into a puppet theatre. We went on imaginary journeys and used role-play to retell and make up our own versions of stories.


The children created their own aliens and gingerbread houses using junk modelling. We made pretend sweeties and baked and decorated gingerbread men for the gingerbread house.

We solved practical addition and subtraction problems linked to the stories. We designed underpants using repeating patterns. The children also learned the names and some properties of 3D shapes, and used them to build their own gingerbread house like the one in Hansel and Gretel.

As part of our Hansel and Gretel story, we programmed Beebots to navigate their way through the forest to reach the gingerbread house. After reading Aliens Love Underpants, we used the internet and non-fiction books to find out all about Space. We also talked about the importance of ‘Stranger Danger’ and what to do if we get lost in relation to the story of Hansel and Gretel.

Artists with Portal Digital

This half term, the children in Willow Class have been Digital Developers for Portal Digital boss, Olive Stein. The children looked very smart in their work clothes with their ID badges. Every week, we checked our emails to receive our tasks from Olive. Our first job was to sort objects that are digital and not digital. We talked about what the word ‘digital’ means and then found some objects in Willow Pod to sort.

Digital developers enjoyed playing in the Imagination Station that had been changed into an Art Gallery. We recorded a news report for Olive all about it’s opening. The workers loved using money to serve customers in the gift shop and café, and tried their hand at sketching, using ICT to draw self portraits and painting.

As part of our Artists topic, we used non-fiction books and the internet to find out about the famous artists Vincent van Gogh and Leonardo da Vinci. Olive arranged for us to interview Leonardo, who had come through a time machine! Together, we thought of some questions to ask him and we recorded our interview for Portal Digital. We also filmed a documentary full of facts about Vincent van Gogh. These videos can be viewed at the Portal Digital website: http://www.bedlingtonstationprimaryschool.co.uk/theportal

We loved learning all about the life of Leonardo da Vinci. We found out information about Italy and had a go at cooking our own pasta and pizzas! They were delicious and everyone tried something healthy!

Throughout our topic, we experimented with different ways of creating art. We used watercolours to colour in famous pieces of art and food colouring to paint snow. We used sunflower seeds and different materials to make our own sunflower art like Vincent van Gogh. We also used pastels, oil pastels and ICT to create self-portraits as well as plasticine to create models.

Our final task for Olive was to make our own flying machine, like Leonardo da Vinci’s. We practised cutting wood with saws and joining wood using nails and hammers. We had to be very careful and listen carefully to keep us safe! Our flying machine was fantastic!

Whitehouse Farm Winter Wonderland

Willow Class had such a fantastic day at The Winter Wonderland at Whitehouse Farm. We went on the bus and when we got there, we were met by an elf who showed us around the farm.

First, we visited the Nativity Stable, where there were hay bales to sit on and llamas and cows all around us! We acted out the Nativity, with Courtney as Mary and Kaylem as Joseph. Mary even rode on a real donkey, led by Joseph! We ended our play by singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

After that, we fed some donkeys, goats and ponies and visited the pigs, deer and wallabies. Then it was time to visit Santa’s grotto. It was such a magical place! First, we each wrote our letters to Santa, telling him our names, age and writing what we would like for Christmas. Then, we posted our letters and went into Santa’s room. He told us all about his magic and gave us each a lolly and some magic reindeer food to leave out on Christmas Eve (this makes the reindeer fly)! Then it was time for lunch.

After lunch, we had a ride on the Tractor Trailer that had been turned into a sleigh! It was so fun and very bumpy!

Next, we went into the petting barn where we held fluffy rabbits, rats, a lizard and even some cockroaches! Before home time, we enjoyed some time playing in the soft play. Then it was back onto the bus (lots of children were so tired they fell asleep!)

Everyone was so well behaved, it was an absolute pleasure to take them out of school. Mr Sutherland came with us on the trip and he was so proud of all of the children.



IMG_1137.JPGThis half term, we have been scientists working for the world-famous, Professor Crankpot! He is always forgetting things (his memory loss has been caused by too many experiments that have gone wrong) and so he asked us to help him find out all about materials. We learned all about what scientists do and where they work.

We enjoyed playing in our role-play area which had been transformed into Science LabW, where we  became scientists. In Science LabW, carried out colour experiments; using pipettes and test tubes to mix different coloured water to see what colours they make. As part of our jobs as scientists, Professor Crankpot also asked us to do some estimating and measuring in LabW.

Crankpot also asked us to help him sort rubbish at the ‘Bedlington Station Recylcing Centre’ into pots labelled metal, plastic, card and paper, fabric and wood. We made a video explaining how we knew each object was which material, using lots of descriptive words. We also had fun exploring different types of messy materials (mud, cornflour and water and different coloured spaghetti) and wrote down words to describe how they felt.

We made artwork using natural materials that we found outside and made paper chains to decorate the classroom. In the model-making area, we chose appropriate materials to collage different pictures.

We received a letter from Professor Crankpot asking for our help with counting. Because his brain is all muddled up, he couldn’t count the things he needed for his experiment. We did careful counting, saying one number per object while touch counting and we put the objects in a line to make sure we didn’t miss any out. LabW Scientists also had lots of fun using Professor Crankpot’s Adding Machine! We then investigated liquids and capacity. We talked about which test tubes were full, nearly full, half full, nearly empty or empty and followed Crankpot’s instructions to make a secret potion.

As a class, we carried out two experiments (Coke and Mentos and The Rainbow Jar). Before the experiment, Mrs Stanley asked the children what they think will happen. We talked about how scientists guess what will happen before they do experiments too, and their guesses are called ‘predictions’. The children came up with some really good predictions and they loved watching Mrs Stanley carry out the experiments! After the experiments, we talked about who’s predictions were most accurate.


Me, my friends and my family

This half term, Willow class have settled into full time education. We have been practicing writing our names in different ways, we have learned how to keep ourselves healthy, and we have talked about our families and how we are all different. We have tried very hard to follow Willow Class Rules and our listening skills have improved so much! We also started getting dressed and undressed for PE independently. We have enjoyed cooking scones and using our senses to describe them, before giving them to a friend to eat.


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