IMG_1137.JPGThis half term, we have been scientists working for the world-famous, Professor Crankpot! He is always forgetting things (his memory loss has been caused by too many experiments that have gone wrong) and so he asked us to help him find out all about materials. We learned all about what scientists do and where they work.

We enjoyed playing in our role-play area which had been transformed into Science LabW, where we  became scientists. In Science LabW, carried out colour experiments; using pipettes and test tubes to mix different coloured water to see what colours they make. As part of our jobs as scientists, Professor Crankpot also asked us to do some estimating and measuring in LabW.

Crankpot also asked us to help him sort rubbish at the ‘Bedlington Station Recylcing Centre’ into pots labelled metal, plastic, card and paper, fabric and wood. We made a video explaining how we knew each object was which material, using lots of descriptive words. We also had fun exploring different types of messy materials (mud, cornflour and water and different coloured spaghetti) and wrote down words to describe how they felt.

We made artwork using natural materials that we found outside and made paper chains to decorate the classroom. In the model-making area, we chose appropriate materials to collage different pictures.

We received a letter from Professor Crankpot asking for our help with counting. Because his brain is all muddled up, he couldn’t count the things he needed for his experiment. We did careful counting, saying one number per object while touch counting and we put the objects in a line to make sure we didn’t miss any out. LabW Scientists also had lots of fun using Professor Crankpot’s Adding Machine! We then investigated liquids and capacity. We talked about which test tubes were full, nearly full, half full, nearly empty or empty and followed Crankpot’s instructions to make a secret potion.

As a class, we carried out two experiments (Coke and Mentos and The Rainbow Jar). Before the experiment, Mrs Stanley asked the children what they think will happen. We talked about how scientists guess what will happen before they do experiments too, and their guesses are called ‘predictions’. The children came up with some really good predictions and they loved watching Mrs Stanley carry out the experiments! After the experiments, we talked about who’s predictions were most accurate.



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