Whitehouse Farm Winter Wonderland

Willow Class had such a fantastic day at The Winter Wonderland at Whitehouse Farm. We went on the bus and when we got there, we were met by an elf who showed us around the farm.

First, we visited the Nativity Stable, where there were hay bales to sit on and llamas and cows all around us! We acted out the Nativity, with Courtney as Mary and Kaylem as Joseph. Mary even rode on a real donkey, led by Joseph! We ended our play by singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

After that, we fed some donkeys, goats and ponies and visited the pigs, deer and wallabies. Then it was time to visit Santa’s grotto. It was such a magical place! First, we each wrote our letters to Santa, telling him our names, age and writing what we would like for Christmas. Then, we posted our letters and went into Santa’s room. He told us all about his magic and gave us each a lolly and some magic reindeer food to leave out on Christmas Eve (this makes the reindeer fly)! Then it was time for lunch.

After lunch, we had a ride on the Tractor Trailer that had been turned into a sleigh! It was so fun and very bumpy!

Next, we went into the petting barn where we held fluffy rabbits, rats, a lizard and even some cockroaches! Before home time, we enjoyed some time playing in the soft play. Then it was back onto the bus (lots of children were so tired they fell asleep!)

Everyone was so well behaved, it was an absolute pleasure to take them out of school. Mr Sutherland came with us on the trip and he was so proud of all of the children.



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