Artists with Portal Digital

This half term, the children in Willow Class have been Digital Developers for Portal Digital boss, Olive Stein. The children looked very smart in their work clothes with their ID badges. Every week, we checked our emails to receive our tasks from Olive. Our first job was to sort objects that are digital and not digital. We talked about what the word ‘digital’ means and then found some objects in Willow Pod to sort.

Digital developers enjoyed playing in the Imagination Station that had been changed into an Art Gallery. We recorded a news report for Olive all about it’s opening. The workers loved using money to serve customers in the gift shop and café, and tried their hand at sketching, using ICT to draw self portraits and painting.

As part of our Artists topic, we used non-fiction books and the internet to find out about the famous artists Vincent van Gogh and Leonardo da Vinci. Olive arranged for us to interview Leonardo, who had come through a time machine! Together, we thought of some questions to ask him and we recorded our interview for Portal Digital. We also filmed a documentary full of facts about Vincent van Gogh. These videos can be viewed at the Portal Digital website:

We loved learning all about the life of Leonardo da Vinci. We found out information about Italy and had a go at cooking our own pasta and pizzas! They were delicious and everyone tried something healthy!

Throughout our topic, we experimented with different ways of creating art. We used watercolours to colour in famous pieces of art and food colouring to paint snow. We used sunflower seeds and different materials to make our own sunflower art like Vincent van Gogh. We also used pastels, oil pastels and ICT to create self-portraits as well as plasticine to create models.

Our final task for Olive was to make our own flying machine, like Leonardo da Vinci’s. We practised cutting wood with saws and joining wood using nails and hammers. We had to be very careful and listen carefully to keep us safe! Our flying machine was fantastic!


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