Garden Enterprise

This half term the children in Willow Class became gardeners working for the world famous explorer; Regina Flowerton. As part of our Garden Enterprise topic we worked to find out everything we needed to know about plants, what they need and how they grow. Gardeners found out about the parts of a plant. We observed changes by planting seeds and watching them grow. Gardeners cared for the seeds and plants independently, making sure they got enough sunlight and water. Regina sent us caterpillars and we watched them change from tiny caterpillars that ate and ate then grew bigger and bigger, just like The Very Hungry Caterpillar. We were super surprised when they formed a chrysalis and emerged as beautiful butterflies. Gardeners used inspiration from flowers, butterflies and famous artists to inspire their creative projects throughout this half term. At the end of the half term, we invited our grown ups to celebrate our hard work with a garden party. Gardeners sold some of the plants they grew, ate lots of cake and had fun together in our play patch!

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