Our Friend Fern

This half term, Willow Class have settled into their full time education. They learnt their way around their new classroom and main school. Willow Class also learnt and now follow new routines and rules in both the classroom and main school. Their listening skills have improved greatly already this year!

Our friend Fern asked us to tell her about ourselves, our family and friends too. We talked about our families, know that we are all different and that, that is okay! We all practiced writing our names in a variety of ways because Fern said we all needed to be able to, Mrs Brown said that she was right! We also thought about what we might like to be when we grow up. We looked closely at our faces whilst painting, using the right colours.

Fern also taught us ways of keeping healthy such as eating our 5 a day, drinking plenty of water, doing lots of exercise and washing our hands.

We are becoming more independent as select our own activities and get our own fruit, milk and water throughout the day. We complete challenges independently in our own time and are working hard to be able to get ourselves undressed for PE and changed into our PE kits and back again. Some of us can do this independently now.

We have cooked yummy biscuits with our friends, making sure we washed our hands and followed Mrs Parker’s instructions.


Fern taught us about friendship and being kind. We learnt about the ways to be a good friend and painted pictures of each other. Willow Class are all friends and will all take care of each other.

We celebrated Fern’s 5th Birthday together, by throwing her a surprise birthday party. Before the party we wrote shopping lists and invitations to invite each other to the party. We made Fern birthday cards, presents and even made special repeating pattern wrapping paper. At the party we played games, sang ‘Happy Birthday’, ate party food and played with balloons We all had an amazing time!

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