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This half term, we have continued our work for Regina Flowerton; world famous explorer. This time we took on the role of explorers. We have been exploring our play patch and garden, hunting for and looking closely at mini beasts around us. We learned all about them and their homes.


In Willow Class we had an explorers tent and lab role play area, where we cooked our meals, slept, looked at our finding and wrote diaries and lists. Explorers made their own camps and dens outdoors with their friends working together as a team.

We used mini beasts to inspire our work in all areas of the curriculum such as our writing, number work and painting.

During our last couple of weeks, with beautiful weather, we enjoyed exploring water, seeing what floats and sinks. We observed how water moves and explored ways we could change it. Willow Class got ready to move to Beech Class with visits to our new classroom and got to know our new teacher Miss Johnson (soon to be Mrs Cowey).

In our last week together, Willow Class had a Celebration assembly and invited their grown-ups. They sang songs that they  learned this year, shared photographs of all the fun they had and even received very special certificates just for being themselves!



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